Designed for Offshore Performance

Learn more about what makes the J/111 so special. A remarkable offshore speedster that collects silverware as fast as it goes off-the-wind! Here's a collection of videos that describe its features as well as provide insight on its offshore performance in sailing venues around the world.

J/111 Review Videos* J/111 Sailing Videos*
PIRANHA Germany Boat Test BLUR 2012 Summary
Yachting World Test Halifax Harbor- At Speed I
SAIL Boat Review Halifax Harbor- At Speed 2
XTreme Yachting Review (French) INVISIBLE HAND- Cabo Race
Zeilen Boat Test (Dutch) SW NOOD Chicago- J111 Class
Voiles & Voiliers Boat Test (French) WICKED 2.0-- 20 Kts Buzzards Bay
Scuttlebutt- Onboard the J111 Fifty Shades of Grey- Sweden
SA Walkthru- Alan Block Newport- FLEETWING
Yachting World- Paul Heys Interview J-XCENTRIC- Cowes
MAD MEN in SF Bay BLUR- SPI Ouest Downwind
* Click Links for Videos INVISIBLE HAND- San Francisco